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With a track record of over 17 years, BR-AG has dedicated its expertise to developing robust foundations for financial innovation and advanced data ecosystem solutions, in particular, RegTech & SupTech solutions. Our team comprises a diverse talent of professionals, including experienced innovation advisors, business analysts, data engineers, and solution architects. Together, we tackle complex challenges faced by financial sector regulators, business registers, and private sector entities by combining technology solutions with strategic planning, and industry know-how.

Areas of our expertise cover:

• Digital transformation & capacity building
• Regulatory reporting & data collection
• New policies & regulatory change management
• Reg-data management & analysis
• Modernising payment systems
• Interoperable data ecosystems
• Data standards for the digital economy
• Global data challenges (incl. Environmental, Social & Governance [ESG], Anti-Money Laundering [AML] requirements, etc.)

We are a global IT and consulting group of companies – a No. 1 partner for Corporate Registries, and other government and private institutions such as Tax Authorities, Banks, Retailers, National Postal Services Providers worldwide.
With 27 years in the industry, we have accomplished an impressive track record: successfully completing 150 register-related projects across 30 jurisdictions.
Our expertise lies in empowering Corporate Registry Authorities with cutting-edge technology and consultancy services to stay ahead in today's fast-changing environment. From URP - Unified Registry Platform to BUSREG - Business Register Solution, LIREG - Licensing Solution, BOREG - Beneficiaries Ownership Register, and more, our Business Registries' Product Suite has got you covered.
Join the dozens of Registry Authorities who trust us with their challenges. With the brightest minds on board and 150 successful register-related projects worldwide, we've honed a practice-based methodology for seamless national Corporate registry digital transformation. From technology to legalities, training, knowledge sharing, and awareness building – we've got it all covered.
Embark on a new, better chapter in your digital journey with us.
Let's talk!

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