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Malta's strategic location and history were of great inspiration to identify the Corporate Registers Forum Annual Conference 2023 (CRF'23) theme. 

The theme revolves around Malta's history, which accommodated various rulers, and its long commitment to being a bridge of communication for both continents surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

To put words to a picture and in line with the theme, the chosen logo takes us back to the times when the Knights of St. John ruled Malta, specifically during the 16th century. During this time, Malta started reinforcing the defences on its fortresses and natural bastions surrounding the Grand Harbour area. 

The theme of the CRF'23 logo revolves around the iconic guard tower overlooking the Grand Harbour, known as 'Il-Gardjola.' 

Its sculpted symbols represent guardianship, observance, and the protection of the Maltese shores. It even has an inscription in Latin telling inhabitants to put their minds at rest since the islands are guarded against attacks. 

Hence, the Gardjola is being visualised as a symbol of the registry's work, ensuring all the due diligence and keeping a lookout for any illicit activity that may harm the jurisdiction. 

Moreover, just as the Gardjola was a protector, it witnessed the different rulers build long-standing relationships and shared experiences with the Maltese. 

This year's conference shall focus on the following:- 

- A closer look for jurisdictions on populating a BO Register 
- AML Regulations
- FATF Experience 
- Cooperation between Registers
- Digitalisation 
- CSP's digital solutions 

What to expect?

A fruitful discussion with a special focus on: -

  • International collaborations – registries and business partners working together

  • Future challenges

  • FATF Experience

  • Beneficial Owner Registers

  • Tackling Money Laundering and other illicit activity

  • Bolstering of Digitalization and enhancement of due diligence

  • Networking amongst registries and practitioners

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